How long have you been knitting?

I was very small when my nan taught me to knit, my mum and I estimate about 7.  I have always knitted in some form since then but I guess I got 'serious' when I was able to but more luxurious yarns.  I do use acrylic for baby knits but I am all about the natural fibres... I am certain Ravelry has helped with my progression as I am certainly more adventurous with my projects now.

How long have you been Crocheting?

I taught myself to Crochet in 2009.  I was an admirer for many, many years but could never quite master the techniques.  I taught myself from Blogs and books - you tube helps too.

How long have you been Scrapbooking?

I started Scrapbooking in 2006 when I read about it in a craft magazine.  I am not really a full-blown scrapbooker anymore I tend to just do Project Life as I literally do not have the time to do everything..

How long have you been Cross Stitching?

I taught myself cross stitch as a teenager, after a long hiatus I started again in 2001 but it is probably my most neglected hobby.  I do still cross stitch but I do go through phases where I won't pick up my projects for months and months.

Why do you have so many hobbies?

Funny you should ask.  I am able to answer that one better now I stumbled on a book by Barbara Sher called "Refuse to choose: what to do when you want to do everything?" I am a 'scanner' which is so funny but in her words:

"Scanners, tend to embrace everything that excites and inspires them — only to ditch those interests when something even more interesting attracts their attention".
Google Scanner personality - it's me to a "T" 

What does a community midwife do?

We care for women from the point they realise they are pregnant, to birth.  We then resume the care after they have had their baby.  We also support women at home births but we do not do hospital births as standard.  We used to but the numbers of midwives to mothers is hugely skewed thanks to a shortage of NHS midwives....

I would like to become a midwife what do I do?

To practise as a midwife in England you need to have a BSC degree and NMC registration. So find a University that provides the degree and look at their entry requirements.

I would recommend researching the role of the midwife in depth and getting some form of experience if you can - which is nigh on impossible I know due to safeguarding laws...  But you really need to understand the role because the job is HARD, and the degree is HARD.  

Contrary to popular misconception, we do not drink tea and play with babies all day.... We have to be experts for women in our care and that takes a lot of study and knowledge... There is no such thing as a 'typical' day for me, I might have a clinic full of antenatal women, or I might be doing home visits all day.  I might be doing paperwork but I would say whatever we do, it is a very rewarding job.  I do my job because I love women and their stories.  I think pregnancy and motherhood is one of the most life altering times, so for me a woman deserves the best care and experience possible.  I try my hardest to provide that for all my women whether I meet them once or care for them for the entire time they are pregnant (No wonder I am so tired every night....)

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