Sunday, 6 April 2014

On the needles: The battle of the Whippoorwill

Back in February mum and I were really lucky enough to attend unravel together.  I have never been to a knitting or fibre festival before, I have been to other craft festivals - mostly paper crafts so this was very exciting for us both.  All that fibre and knitting under one roof was so amazing.  I am happy to say it was so much fun despite us both aching terribly afterwards (we are a bit broken teehee) I really enjoyed meeting all the sellers and dyers and my stash was certainly enhanced quite considerably :)  I feel more likely to use a seller or dyer if I have 'met' them in real life :)

One of the most amazing things was seeing all the real life knits and one such item was Sarah's whippoorwill.  I am not part of the Ravelry crowd as I am far too much of a lurker, so I had not seen Sarah's blog prior to Unravel and I was far to shy to say hello to her, but I looked her up online afterwards (stalker much lol) and I was delighted to see she is my favourite contestant on the GBSB's daughter! I didn't see linda which is a shame as she is excellent.  But I ordered the yarn and pattern to replicate the gorgeousness (FYI I am happy to say the pattern is very popular now thanks to Linda wearing it on the program)

Anyhoo, I very excitedly cast on my Whipporwhill and I must say it wasn't love at first row..... I persevered and while I was determined to finish it, I put my Whipporwhill in a time out recently.  I am so glad I have the real life inspiration because it has been a hard project for me.  The issues seem to be mine for example: when I looked up the pattern I ordered the largest skein possible and cast on the largest size - About a third of the way to go my skein started to look a bit sad, and yup I ran out of wool {whomp, whomp, whomp}.  I am a tight knitter so I used way more that I envisioned but the thing that annoys me is having to pay £4.60 postage twice..... I sulked for a week and sucked it up.  I am almost done - I am determined to finish it this weekend as I am still not in love with it and just want to be done now.

I am trying really hard to be a monogamous knitter, hence the just wanting to be done, so I am going to keep going... It is sad when you are not 'in love' with your project as you spend hours and hours on them.  I am sure I will love it when it is finished and round my neck this winter but we shall see...

I have also made a teeny tiny purchase which I will talk about more in the future.... It's a drop spindle :)  Could this be the new 'obsession' lol

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