Thursday, 27 March 2014

Im good thank you how are you?

It's funny how time can pass by and everything changes, but still stays the same.

I haven't updated my blog much for a while {6 months} wow.... I have thought about it but then I never got around to it.. I guess my own Blog consumption has dwindled; ergo my own input to the medium dwindled too...But my Blog is here still the same, waiting for a new page to display :)

I got a comment from a lovely lady saying she liked my Blog and was reading my archives - how sweet :) Its so weird because I guess I don't really picture people ready my little updates and it got me thinking.  I might try and blog again so lets see how it goes...It was one of my favourite hobbies 'once upon a time' but I do lose interest in things quite often... so lets see how it goes

So how are you? I am good thank you

Creatively I am on fire! My mojo is through the roof (another reason I haven't been online much) I am a knitting fiend!  It is still the same old story with me though - I get obsessive over something then I move on to something else, then I wander back...  My knitting is number 1 again, I guess it was a long time coming seeing as it has been my oldest hobby.

I started my new job in November last year and I am so happy.  I haven't really talked about that so for the most part I am now working as a community midwife in Kent rather than commuting to London.  The lack of commute has been amazing - I do miss having time to listen/watch all my favourite podcasts but hello I am home at 17:30 so I can watch them in bed!  

Health wise I am doing OK I am managing better with less travelling but I am still really tired at the end of the day which sucks... I guess I use all my energy trying to stay upright!  I am very, very happy with the decision I made to change NHS trusts last year.

My life is very good right now, in a beautiful balanced sense.  I am very happy with my 'lot' in life, my family, my friends, my hobbies, my career - that is me just saying 'thank you' to the universe, not being a braggy braggerson lol

I am going to share some of my creative endeavours because I am happy to say there are so many!!!!

It makes me so happy to finish things, but I do love a 'work in progress'

Right now I am working on a few things:

My Rainbow Whippoorwill shawl:

My gorgeous funky socks

My Tardis blue hot water bottle cover 

I am also working on a secret baby blanket, an infinity cowl, another shawl, and a baby cardigan.  I am happy to say I have also finished lots of things this year as well so I am completing all my projects :)

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  1. Welcome back! That's fantastic that you are in a good place, it's a great feeling isn't it? Oh and TARDIS blue? Be still my little Whovian heart!