Sunday, 22 September 2013

What my week has looked like

My week started with some more of my Halloween Sampler which is 100% my favourite so far.  I pretty much spend my spare time stitching these days which leaves time for little else crafting wise.  I am happy with that as I am so determined to finish this sampler, cross stitch typically stays unfinished in my home as I am easily distracted by new patterns.

Halloween sampler

Halloween Sampler

Knitting wise I have joined the KAL the Knitmore girls are hosting, I have chosen the gorgeous Hitchhiker pattern by Martina Behm.  The group is working on all patterns by Martina and it is very exciting.  I visited Loop a couple of weeks ago to buy some gorgeous yarn for the project.

Check out my 'cake'


Hitchhiker shawl

I have a shawl addiction at the moment lol.


  1. Love seeing all your cross stitching pics Carly, in fact you have actually rekindled my love for stitching and I have dug out all my sewing stuff ready to try and complete a Christmas sampler I started about 10 years ago!!

    1. Thank you Jane - I love sharing them I cannot wait to see your sampler x