Monday, 16 September 2013

Life is good

I say this to myself daily because life really is good :)  It's my favourite time of year, Monday is my day off (last 7 to go!) so I am posting a crafting round up :)

Lately I have been obsessed with shawls.  I find it amazing that in all the years I have been knitting I have never made one!

I challenged myself to make one to wear for Mark's brothers wedding which didn't happen sadly (but it was so hot a knitted shawl was the last thing I needed).  I have had the gorgeous Bigger on the Inside Doctor Who shawl in my Ravelry favourites for ages so I took the plunge and ordered the yarn.  The first part is a lace section which is not good for someone like me as I get distracted very easily and lose my place - which is a disaster.  I had to leave it for a few weeks as one row was really causing me a nightmare.  Then my lovely friend Marja suggested using stitch markers - so simple but never occurred to me and lo and behold it worked!  So I finished the lace section and had the wonderful task of picking up 311 stitches along the edging.  I managed it and now I am happy to say that this section is so much fun!  So I hope to have it done in a few weeks.

Bigger on the inside

I say in a few weeks because I am sewing like a fiend these days.  I am currently working on the Halloween Sampler by the Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery - I have to say it is probably my favourite one to date!  I LOOOOOVE Halloween anyway so this is a dream to me.  It is a 3 week sampler and I have been working on it every spare second I get.   

Halloween Sampler

They are also releasing the Autumn Sampler next week so lots of stitching goodness.  I was also working on my Spring and Summer Samplers and my monthly sampler but this one has my heart and attention right now.  These will not be taking eight years let me tell you!!!! The only thing is they keep releasing more cute patterns - eeepp!

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