Sunday, 23 June 2013

What a wonderful week

It is a truth universally accepted that annual leave travels faster than the speed of a normal week....
Although it travelled fast I had a wonderful week filled with all my favourite things as I had hoped, hobbies, time together, food, no travelling to London and just time indoors.

On Monday I sewed another project bag, and carried them all around the house - just because!  Mark really wasn't appreciating the love so I am going to share with these one more time for your viewing pleasure!  

project bags 

I also abused the Internet and made many crafting purchases which flew to me over the course of the week. one such item includes this gorgeous sock yarn:

fyberspates yarn

I know yarn isn't everyone's thing but it does look pretty right?

I worked on multiple knitting projects throughout the week which is naughty right? but I cannot help myself! and thankfully finished a fair few as well :)

puerperium cardigan

I finished my second Puerperium cardigan and gave it short sleeves this time.  I procrastinated on the blocking and buttons!

I cast on and completed a sweet little dress

knitted dress

and cast on two baby vertebrae cardigans <3

newborn vertebrae cardigan

newborn vertebrae cardigan

Quite possibly my favourite knit project this week is the Teeny Tiny Mary Jane booties pattern by knitsofacto.  I just die over the cuteness!  I have only completed one but they are so sweet!  I am going to be a nightmare when I have a baby as I love traditional knitted items.

teeny tiny mary jane booties

If that wasn't enough crafty goodness I also started my Summer Sampler cross stitch project.

summer sampler

I seriously could craft forever and a day if I was a lady of leisure! I have seriously had so much fun I feel like I need to book another week off to enjoy it all over again!  

I do have some exciting news coming up as well, that I will hopefully be able to share soon.


  1. Ooh a cliffhanger! Lol! The knitted projects look great, I love the white cardy.. It's so pretty :)

  2. eeeee! that little booty is sooo cute! you're certainly are a v.talented lady :)