Monday, 10 June 2013

Time to myself

I went part time in the middle of April and the idea was to allow myself to recharge and rest as travelling to London every day was really taking it's toll on my body.  Sadly with all the outpatient appointments that I have had recently it has been almost as though I was still working full time :(  But today has been a recharge day just as I like it.  I ran a few errands then sat down to craft (insert sigh).

project bag

I have a love of project bags, I think little fabric bags look so pretty.  I have made one project bag in the past and it is lovely but very basic.

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I wanted to make little ones for all the different project bags and today I made my first.  I am not a great sewer but I love it!  I feel very accomplished when I sew anything! I try hard not to be critical of my work and let the creative juices flow and today I did just that.

I used some Japanese fabric that I had in my stash, (I seem to stash a lot of things in my room!)  and used this lovely pattern.  

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It is smaller than the pattern as the dimensions of my fabric was not quite as much as the pattern called for but it is perfect for my Owlet that I am working on.

The Owlet was supposed to be a Christmas knit for one of my nephews, but it was abandoned.  I fancied trying again and wow what a fun knit.  I have been knitting for a lot time but sometimes I lack the confidence to try new techniques.  This is a knit in the round which is new to me and I am happy to report I love it!  I have never been a huge fan of sewing garments up so this is seamless.  I do seem to have underestimated the quantities of yarn required as I cast on the larger owlet.  This is going to be for no one in particular - almost a tester which usually allows me to be free (that critical inner voice is always lurking!).  I made a tester of the Puerperium cardigan and I love this concept.  I feel much more confident the second time around so I made do this for the Owlet.  It seems weird but the first pieces won't go to waste, and they silence my inner critic.  

It's ironic that the thing I love to do to relax I am also very critical of, but I am working on it (:

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  1. I'm exactly the same.. been knitting a long time but sometimes lack confidence. Have fun with your new technique. Can't wait to see what it looks like :)