Monday, 24 June 2013

The unloved room

Those of you in the UK may have seen the new campaign from B&Q called 'The unloved room' it's a pretty campaign focusing on the neglected parts of your home.  It got me thinking about my blog and how it was my own 'unloved room'.

I've been blogging in some form since 2006, when I started scrapbooking.  I have changed sites a few times, of course the style has changed but it's a hobby I have pretty much dabbled in for almost 7 years.  

The thing is blogging has changed so much.  I started because I wanted to share my scrapbooking, it was 'cool' and there was no other way to connect with like minded people.  These days the ability to share is overwhelming: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest etc etc I have seen many of my favourite blogs fade away because of this ability to share.  I guess this also made me question the need for my blog.  I have always enjoyed sharing but it does get overlooked, but then I click on the archives and it is a scrapbook of sorts and I want to continue to add to it.

I wanted to feel inspired to share things again, so as any crafter worth their salt I went shopping for new supplies. I toyed with the idea of learning HTML and designing my own space but that was far too complicated, so I perused Etsy and found something that really spoke to me and this space I had been neglecting.  I highly recommend Chelsea at Bella Lulu ink she was so helpful and sweet.

I think decorating does help keep things fresh so I am going to aim to work on some lovely craft posts this week to help keep my creative juices flowing.


  1. Look forward to seeing your crafty posts Carly :)

  2. the blog design is lovely - the header especially! I think it's important to share and continue to blog, even if you do feel that sometimes it's only for yourself. Like you said, it can be a really fun thing to look back on :) X