Sunday, 16 June 2013

A week off

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Mark and I have a week off work starting tomorrow (it technically started Friday) and it's bliss.

Everyone keeps asking us 'what we are doing' to which we reply 'nothing'.

Of course we won't really be doing nothing, we will rest, create, just be.  As my husband so wonderfully put it: 'when you spend so much time away from home all you what to do is just stay at home' and we do spend so much time away from home....

We both work in London which on average means travelling for 4 hours per day, or 5 if it's bad.  so this week we will travel slow, savouring life.  I'll cook our favourite meals, we might go out for lunch or to the cinema.  I will knit or sew or crochet, Mark will play on his laptop and we will watch DVD's and spend time in our favourite place: home.

We are are perpetual homebodies and that is ok, after all home is where the heart is right?


  1. Enjoy your time off, it is lovely to just have a few days at home doing not very much. I love your bags btw :)

  2. Hope you are enjoying your time off and have done lots of relaxing. I have made myself a monthly bucket list so that I don't let time pass without doing something. Have a good weekend. :)

    1. I love the bucket list idea <3