Wednesday, 3 April 2013

The evolution of yarn

Some of my favourite blogs/posts are crafty ones :) I love reading all about what people are making. I decided to share one of the projects I am working one right now.

As always it starts with yarn.

It seems I have always been quite the craft hoarder :)  I think it is a common affliction among many...
In 2005 I purchase a Debbie Abrahams book with gorgeous Afghan patterns.  I can even remember purchasing the recommended Rowan yarn which was absolutely stunning.  I had great plans for said yarn, but it appears that it was doomed to fail.  The yarn was discontinued in a few of the colours I had been using which made the colours a bit 'off' from that point onwards it became a chore, so it sat in my huge 'to-do' pile.

I am thankful for Flickr as I found a shot of the original project <3

Knitted Squares

Look at those colours

I taught myself to crochet in 2009 and decided to upcycle the yarn I brought to make a granny square blaket in 2010 I was really keen and made a fair few granny squares.  I ripped my original creations out and kept on going.

Crochet granny squares

crochet granny squares

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I guess other things got in the way as the squares have been sitting in a box in my craft room for some time.  

Mark was commenting on the amount of 'stuff; in my craft room and I just suddenly decided to finish the blanket,  with one proviso - no new purchases. I have been joining the squares and I am really excited with how it is looking.
crochet granny square blanket

crochet granny square blanket

I just love the colours - it really does remind me of sweets.
It won't be a huge blanket like I had originally intended - probably more like a baby size :) I hope it gets put to good use one day.


  1. such pretty colours! it takes a lot of effort to rip up and start again but it's deffo worth it if these brights are put to good use!x

    1. Annie it was totally heartbreaking to pull it apart but you are right it was a good decision :)