Wednesday, 10 April 2013

The evolution of cross stitch

Last week I finished a small cross stitch project I started 4 years ago! I love cross stitch it looks pretty, is very relaxing but I am not very good at it.

I can remember making little stitching projects as a child at school, bookmarks, calendars (anyone remember these?!)

In 2001 I purchased a counted cross stitch kit after a friend showed me her creations, naturally it was a bunny pattern :)  I can remember going to the garden centre that had a craft section attached to it and looking through the (small) selection that they had.

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Bunny cross stitch

I worked enthusiastically on the project for months (I am a really slow stitcher) then I met Mark and my crafting moved to the back burner for a while, then I did something really bad and I still do - I started a new project eeeeekkk!

I deeply regret ever starting this BAAAAD habit but I saw a new project and had to have it...

Felicity wishes cross stitch

I started working hard on this one, then I started ANOTHER project (I am so naughty)
Felicity wishes cross stitch

I am such a starting addict!
Felicity wishes cross stitch

Then I took a hiatus when I discovered a new hobby - Scrapbooking... (So much fun) But totally time consuming and addictive haha

I picked my cross stitch enthusiasm back up in 2007, but I found lots of mistakes in the work I had left with unfinished sections and it's hard to motivate yourself to pick it up knowing that it is so much work :(

Frosted pumpkin cross stitch

So to date I have never ever finished a large cross stitch project and it does bother me a little bit.

I also have loads of patterns I wish to complete - I see them and add them to my ever growing pile, which is fab but I want to actually complete a project.......Sadly this wasn't restricted to just cross stitch in the past but thankfully in 2011 I broke my 'curse' of never finishing a project and I have finished lots of things now, which makes me happy but I really want to finish a cross stitch project.

So I am going to work on one uncompleted project per month, as well as my monthly sampler until I have finished them all!  I think this is going to be a massive undertaking but nothing feels as good as being finished does!

Wish me luck :)

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