Sunday, 14 April 2013

It's the little moments that make life big...

Last year I attended my friend's daughters christening and I clearly remember my ankle was hurting.  I remember because of my shoes.  Girls always focus on the shoes and my support bandage wouldn't fit on my ankle with my choice of shoes.  I also remember this being an issue with my wedding shoes later that month.

There are snippets of pain peppered through my entire life, but I was always taught to 'get on with things' I didn't really pay much attention until it stopped me living my life.  I am a migraine suffer as well so pain is always around so I just 'deal with it'.

In September 2012 the pain completely stopped me living my life and it was awful.  I couldn't go to work, I couldn't sleep, socialise, basically I was a shell.  I even stopped crafting which is like breathing to me....  I was a mess, no one could offer me an answer, no one could help.  I was at the Doctors every other day crying.  They told me many 'helpful' things like, lose weight?! rest, take your pain meds.  But no one knew what was wrong.

Thursday I saw a wonderful consultant who finally gave me a diagnosis.  I was expecting it so it wasn't a shock but finally after a year of pain I am starting to head towards a new life.  Sadly the news isn't great as I have a chronic condition called Hypermobility Syndrome/Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (type 3) which is basically an inherited connective tissue disorder.  I have had it all my life but it has only started to cause an issue in the last 12 months.  To me my joints are too supple which means they are starting to degrade, so the issue in my foot is related to the joints basically collapsing, which isn't going to go away any time soon *sigh* the issue in my back is the joint, my neck, my shoulder even my wrist.  Ironically it's all my left side so I am ok as long as the right is in control!  

Pain is awful, I completely sympathise with anyone who deals with it on a daily basis, it steals your life, and I hate to be out of control...  I have things I can do to help, strengthening exercises, swimming, Pilates, meditation, hydrotherapy, physiotherapy, slowing down (haha) and enjoying the little moments I guess.  My life will need a huge overhaul, and I need to fight my low mood and anxiety as it has been rife recently.  But I am going to craft my way to happiness :)

It was a normal Thursday to everyone else but it certainly changed my life.... 

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