Friday, 29 March 2013

My Project Life Story

I started Project Life last year as I really love the idea and I thought it would be nice to capture the first months of married life.  I loved the concept: use scraps of your life to tell a story but it fell off my radar.  I like most people lead a fairly routine life, work, home, play, repeat.  I didn't think my story was worth telling or capturing really.  I also forgot to take picture's everyday and just left it as the system didn't work.

project life

Party of my daily routine is to listen to podcasts on the way to and from work, and one of my favourites is 'paperclipping Roundtable'.  It's basically a podcast about scrapbooking, which sounds weird but I like it :)  I was listening to an episode early this year and they were talking about Project Life, and it kind of occurred to me that I just needed a format that would work for me.  So I looked at how other people make it work and I started again in January and I am happy to say almost four months into the year I have found my format and have not stopped this time.

project life

My album is an American Crafts D ring album which I had already.  I used the mixed page protectors, and scraps of paper from my stash.

Project life

I take pictures with my iphone, and rarely my DSLR because I am just capturing my life on the go.  I also have a little notebook to record things about the day, or the week.  Plus I use my filofax anyway to document my life.

project life

On the weekend I collate the bits I have collected together.  I work on one side for a week, I found that two sides was too much to work with.  I have added some page protectors with cards and extras that I like but basically it is much like an old-fashoned scrapbook capturing my everyday life.  It's not deep or meaningful it is just fun!  I love looking through it as well as looking at other people's albums online.
project  life

I recently subscribed to two kits for supplies, initially I held off as I wanted to see if I would keep this project up.  I have in the past started things but not finished them, but I think it was all down to the situation in life rather than my enthusiasm.

project life

I am really excited to share this project and I am going to try and share it at least once per month, as my pages are always a work in progress.

project life

Do you document your everyday life?  I would love to hear all about your system.


  1. I'm doing Project Life too, I started in January but I'm just at the end of Feb, I really wanted to keep on top of it! DOH!!! I love how u do urs :)

    1. Thanks - you will have to share some pictures so we can encourage each other!

  2. Congrats on sticking with project life! It's such a fun project, but definitely can get overwhelming at times. I love all the little bits of life you've included in yours, I often forget to include items besides photos + words, but things like tickets + candy wrappers can be so fun!!