Wednesday, 27 March 2013

50 random facts about me PT II

raspberry bunny

26) I have visited, Canada, The US, Spain and France

27) I am addicted to hospital dramas, I watch them all no matter how bad they are

28) I learned, French, Spanish, Latin and Italian at school - sadly I cannot remember much of any

29) My favourite season is Spring

30) I am a natural blonde

31) I cannot leave the house without make up

32) I love cleaning - it relaxes me

33) I hate shopping

34) I love to take a hot bath, I would have several a day if i could

35) My nan taught me to knit when I was very young, I taught myself to crochet

36) I love to take photographs

37) I can draw blood all day but pass out if it is done to me

38) I commute 4 hours in total per day to London and back

39) I drive a VW Beetle

40) If I won the lottery I would buy an animal sanctuary and live there forever

41) My favourite person in the world is my little sister

42) I love cheese

43) My favourite drink is water

44) I love Disney

45) I love Doctor Who, My favourite Doctor is Matt Smith

46) My Favourite day of the week is Friday

47) I have kept a diary since I was about 8, sadly I destroyed the older ones

48) I suffer with terrible migraines

49) I never switch my phone off (I do use 'airplane mode' when I am asleep)

50) I wash my hands roughly a billion times per day.....

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  1. We have lots in common, unfortunately the grrrrr migraines but yeh! for a love of Disney!