Sunday, 17 March 2013

50 random facts about me PT I

After reading the rubbish news that Google are retiring their reader application I have been trying to find a suitable alternative.  I had used Bloglovin in the past which is 'ok' but I like my blog lists in folders.  I have also tried Feedly but I don't 'love it' like GR... anyway I have made this post light so here we go....

Description of Photo

1) I was born in Kent on the 8th October 1978

2) I both the oldest child and the youngest

3) Growing up we had dogs but now I love cats.

4) I am obsessed with rabbits.

5) I love tea and drink it all day long

6) I love sweets

7) I have 3 tattoos

8) I have over 10 piercings

9) I have had almost every colour hair

10) I am a serial crafter

11) I a very sensitive person

12) I am totally double joined

13) I have been with my husband for almost 10 years and married for almost 1year

14) I am obsessed with blankets

15) Pajamas are my favourite clothing

16) I am addicted to carbs

17) My favourite flowers are peonies

18) My favourite colour is pink

19) I love science and crime TV

20) I am a very private person but I love reading about people's lives

21) I love to write letters

22) I would love to learn Japanese

23) I hate the dark and turn most of the lights on in our house, which really annoys Mark

24) I love cooking and baking

25) My dream job would be a housewife


  1. your dress is stunning - love the lacy bit around the neckline especially!
    Ive been using bloglovin for a while now so I'm prob going to stick with that. No one seems to mention anything other than bloglovin and feedly so I'm not really sure what else is out there... x