Tuesday, 22 January 2013

22nd January already

Wow how is it so far into January?!  I am typing this from my warm 'snow den' aka the bedroom because of the snow.... We got hit fairly badly this weekend and these past few days have been a bit of a nightmare.


I was rendered housebound yesterday as we live quite far from the train station and our roads were still really deep with snow.  This morning I was all prepared to dig the car out and Mark took one step outside and almost skidded over, he told me in no uncertain terms was I to attempt to leave the house, I guess that when you live with someone in constant pain you don't want to tempt fate..

I have been back at work for a few weeks now and it is going really well I am happy to say.  I am now working in outpatients which is a Monday to Friday 9-5 job but still has patient contact which of course I am very happy about.  The main breakthrough was a happy accident earlier this month.  I sought a (private) physiotherapist to help manage the pain I was still experiencing on return to work.  I was desperate and to be honest not convinced of its merit's.  The physio took one look and me and she said I can see your problem straight away - hooray!  I have not had an 'official' diagnosis and am waiting to see a consultant but the exercises and lifestyle suggestions she has given me have made a world of difference.  I do think resting at the weekend helps and not doing 'long days' at work.  I also need to be kind to myself and really listen to my body, not just say I will and push on...

I have been crafting as well which certainly helps to soothe my soul I need a creative outlet just as much as rest as it keeps my mind calm.  Having finished my large Christmas projects I am mostly creating for pleasure which is really odd!

A vintage matinee coat - just because I love baby knits
Vintage knitting

A scrapbook page just because
Soft kitty

And some cross stitch just for me 
cross stitch
Pure luxury.

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