Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Sandy Hook Elementary

I am an extremely sensitive person, I cry at movies, adverts, anything involving animals but humans not so much.  My job requires me to be a professional in the face of any adverse situation, I have seen many heartbreaking things at work but I work hard to stay strong.  I may come home and reflect on certain situations and some stay with me for a long time.  I am strong at work because women and their families need me to be strong, no two ways.  I think I am very good at compartmentalising emotions to do with human because of my work.  Friday not so much.  I couldn't/cannot stop reading about the incident at Sandy Hook Elementary.  I think we in the UK are not exposed to shootings as much as the rest of the world - I am not here to debate the why's and what for, we have crime: I work in healthcare so trust me I know that.  But a school shooting, is hard for my mind to begin to comprehend.  In 1996 we were exposed to a shooting in a primary school in Dunblane, in Scotland and I still remember it to this day.  The children, the emotion, the questions and senselessness.  I remember thinking why? The children were all about 5 years old, my sister was that age it broke my heart to ever think of loosing her.

I don't have children but I help them into this world, I see them at the beginning of their lives and at the beginning of their potential and it's amazing.  I have nieces, nephews even a great niece and nephew, never in my head would I imagine any of those not being safe, that sending my child to school could result in them being hurt or killed.  The parents and families who have been affected by that tragedy I weep for them.  The presents unopened, the potential of those children never being realised, that is something I will not forget for a very long time.

I read a post on Alicia's blog about "Beanies for Brave Students" which is being arranged by snappytots.  I paused my Christmas crafting and made two beanies last night and don't think I can stop.  I guess helping in some small way helps my heart.  I can do something in the midst of the pain to help.  I love how crafting brings people together and with the magic of the internet the world is a smaller place.  I looked around the crafting community and there are drives for squares, knitted toys, hats scarves and it is so inspiring.  Of course donations are being collected to help the families begin to reform their lives because lets be honest how could they ever 'get over it'....

Beanies for brave students
Beanies I made last night
If you wish to help in some small way I have provided some of the links I have found so far.

Snappy tots Facebook page
Memory blanket(s) for CT families Facebook page
600 monsters strong for Conneticut Ravelry page


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