Thursday, 6 December 2012

Journal Your Christmas Pages

it's been a chilly few days round here, yesterday I woke up to snow which was quite the surprise!  Thankfully it has all melted but it is still very chilly!

I have been taking some time each day to work on my Christmas album so I have a few pages to share.

The prompt for day 2 was all about Christmas memories, so I jotted some thoughts down for this entry.  Most of the memories are about my childhood.

Journal your christmas day 2
Day 2
Day 3 is all about planning and lists which is a subject I am very comfortable with :)

Journal your christmas day 3
Day 3
Day 4 was all about the best gift, so I wrote some memories about Mark and I getting engaged on Christmas day 2005 and put them in an envelope.

journal your christmas day 4
Day 4
journal your christmas day 4
day 4 open
Day 5 focused on cards, stamps and communication.  I got a cute postcard in the mail so I included this as well.
journal your xmas day 5

journal your christmas day 5
Day 5
So far I am really enjoying the project and all the different page sizes. I haven't planned the entire book I just craft how I feel and use the prompt to help with inspiration.
JYC inside
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