Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Its share time: November Crochet along with the curious pug

Last month I joined the crochet along for November that Alicia was hosting which was a granny square cushion.  Originally I had planned to make two for Christmas gifts, I even purchased two cushions which were a bargain at just £1.49 each sadly I am not going to be making two as they have turned out to be a real labour of love due to the size and detail required :(

The pattern was based on a granny square with a single crochet finishing which sounds easy enough, I have made plenty of granny squares and blankets.  What I hadn't foreseen was just how time consuming they were, each side needed 25 squares to cover the cushion so I needed to make 50 in total!  The squares themselves were fine it was the ends I needed to sew in when they were constructed eeekk!

crochet ends

Then I ran out of yarn which was a disaster and delayed the finish by another week.  Thankfully I crossed the pain barrier and assembled my wonderful creation.  Look at this beauty: hours and hours of work!

Granny square cushion

I decided to finish the final edge with a button edge to allow the cover to be removed and washed so I dived into my beloved button stash and I am so happy with this small detail on the cushion.

Button stash

I am reeeeeeally happy with the result but I cannot face making another one just yet!

Curious Pug Crochet along

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  1. aw, it looks great - you should be v.pleased! My nan said she's going to teach me to crochet over christmas - i cannot wait!x