Monday, 31 December 2012

2012 Recap: Lifestyle

2012 was an AMAZING year for me personally I have a Flickr set of my whole year organised by month it is lovely to look back through it.  I am pleased to be sharing a recap post with the highlights of my lifestyle pursuits, I am going to do a crafty recap as well so here we go!

This year I....

Planned and organised A LOT!!

Had my graduation ceremony

Continued to commute a whole lot to work.....
Ebbsfleet International

Celebrated my gorgeous little sister's 21st birthday (HOW?!)
21st birthday

Had an amazing hen-do in London with my nearest and dearest 

After many years of dreaming and planning got married to my best friend 
wedding day

Watched my niece and nephews get Christened

Rochester Cathedral

met some lovely crafty bloggers
London Blog Meet

went to the London Olympic Games 
London Olympics

Watched my good friends tie the knot in Cheshire & My sister in law in Kent


wow what a year, I will be sharing some crafty recaps tomorrow enjoy your celebrations, we will be home with our kitty and a cup of tea as we really know how to party.


  1. your hen do dress is fabulous! where did you get it from if you don't mind me asking... :) x

  2. Thank you it's from Vivian of Holloway they do SOOOOO many cute dresses in there x