Thursday, 29 November 2012

Simple Goals

I am constantly inspired by the blogging world there is so much out there to see.  Although inspiration is a wonderful thing it can sometimes lead to feeling overwhelmed.

simple goals

We all lead busy lives, I am not exactly unique in the fact that I work full-time with a long commute, I have a husband and animals to take care of.  I have friends, family, and a home to cherish and be thankful for.  On top of this I have myself to take care of emotionally, physically and creatively.  They are all intertwined.

Recently I let things get on top of me, I injured my back, I carried on, it got worse, I got sick, then emotional, then stopped.  During this time I started to think about the things that matter to me because all I had was time to rest and think.  I am an over thinker so it's no wonder I have felt emotional during these long periods of time! 

In October we lost one of our beloved rabbits.  I felt so shocked and sad because we treasure our furry companions so it was a blow to lose another one.  It was also on my birthday which was double yuck and I felt myself really analysing who I am.  I vividly remember looking for something to make to distract me when I read a wonderful blog post written by Katie from house of humble, about simplifying life.  It was really strange how much this most spoke to me and lead me to a wonderful resource which I now visit daily!  

Living a simple life sounds odd at first, but it really is something I aspire to do in my life.  I already try to find the beauty in life but it can all be so overwhelming at times.  It is simply making the most of your home, finding the value in your environment, from keeping chicken's to baking your own bread.  I am nowhere near that but I have tried to get (slightly) more organised, focus on crafts and originality, take better care of myself, my family, and think about the direction we want our life to go in.

Simplifying is a huge undertaking because our lives are inexplicably complex: money, lifestyle, commitments, hobbies - it is quite amazing when you start.  I have been taking steps to try and simplify my life and so far it has been great!  

So I have decided to create simple goals,  and how I will achieve them.

Four simple goals for December

1: Give at least one handmade gift this year.  I love making things, my hobby list is off the chart, but I get anxious when sharing things with people that I have made.  Each year I aspire to make presents but I never do.  This year I am setting myself the goal of 1 thing.

2: Stop asking for things I don't really need.  This is a tough one.  I am told I am 'hard to buy for' so each year people ask for a list, that then leads to me picking things out that simply clutter our home.  Of course I am grateful for the things people buy for, me but do I really need another DVD?  So I have asked people not to spend much on me, and have been really thoughtful about what could enhance my life (deep stuff eh!).

3: Back up all my photo's before the end of December.  This one fills me with fear.  I recently replace my MacBook pro which shouldn't be a problem however, time machine got really cross with me and wouldn't transfer all my 7,000 photos across. O-M-G 7,000 photos! I take A LOT of pictures, well I did - I have slowed down recently, and they are all tiny memories of my life so they are precious.  A lot are of my animals, my friends, my family so they are incredibly important to me.  I tend to keep things until they die - which is a good thing, but my old MacBook pro was from 2007, which is ancient in computer speak! So it couldn't translate them over.  Most of them are on my Flickr Pro account (Phew) but I have a lot which are not... So I am manually transferring them over and each time I open my old MacBook I pray it hasn't given up!  I can literally hear it groaning each time.  So this is a fairly important goal.

4: Complete a Xmas album.  Every year since 2007 I have tried to complete either a Journal Your Christmas album or a December Daily album.  I think I have completed 1.  Which means I have 4 unfinished journals in my house.  Which just makes me sad because I clearly aspire to do them.  I just don't prioritise my crafts.  I can remember vowing last year to make more time for crafts but I had so much going on, (new job, the wedding etc etc) This year I am calm.  Nothing new started (yet!) so I am going to do this for myself.  

So here we have it, my journey to simplify my life starting with Christmas.  

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