Tuesday, 13 November 2012

It's share time

I have finished lots of crafty bits this year which makes me do a little internal happy dance as its been kinda extreme round here,  as in all or nothing extreme {read go-go-go.... now stop-stop-stop}.  But I was looking through Flickr and I found these lovelies:

I finished this blanket in April.  The pattern is loosely based on the granny stripe blanket made by the lovely Lucy.
Sadly this one is still in my finished basket as it was intended to be a gift for a baby, but I took far too long to finish it and the baby is now a toddler - oops I have decided I will keep it though, maybe even for my own use (perhaps one day).

This next one was another baby blanket.  Thankfully I finished in August and it was given to the intended recipient straight away, again another Attic 24 granny stripe blanket.
The next one was a bag for my mum. I started this one in May, and finished it in time for her birthday in September.  I used the crochet pattern from the lovely Lucy @ Attic 24 (notice a trend) and decided to line it as the cotton I used had more 'give' than I wanted.  I sewed the lining myself - not an easy task I hasten to add, but my mum loved it so it was entirely worth it.

I loved sewing when I was in school and was much more confident, but sadly these days I have let my poor sewing machine collect dust.  I am so pleased I persevered sewing the lining despite how tricky it was, as it looks so nice.  I think it was tricky simply due to the inconsistent nature of my crochet. My tension was loose, then tight, so the circle was uneven. I think this happens with handmade items as our hands and mood are never the same from day to day. I made it though *whew*!

I then made an impromptu drawstring bag from some left over material I had.  This is simply to hold random crafting bits such as scissors, needles, markers and the like. I just based it on the old PE bags we all had at school, no pattern required just sew the sides together and add ribbon.

By now I was totally bitten by the sewing bug and I made this cross stitch travel case using the pattern from the frosted pumpkin and some cute Japanese fabric I ordered a while ago I am in love with everything on this website as it is so cute and plan to make a few of the cross stitch patterns when I have finished my current projects.

I have to say I totally loved making this and plan to make many, many more, it was the first time I followed a sewing pattern and inserted a zip, so I was very pleased.  Plus It looks so cute - bonus.

October was definitely a good month for crafting over here!

After these projects were done I decided to start a new crochet project for my sister, which I won't share as she sometimes reads my blog ;) it will be her Christmas present so I have to keep on top of it and not lose focus. (no Christmas in July malarky lol).

November also means making some more Christmas presents which I plan to do every year and never meet the demand for holiday crafting, so I have decided to join the crochet-along hosted by Alicia and make the granny square cushion.  I will be making two, one for my mum and one for my mother in law. I will keep you all updated on my progress.

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