Thursday, 22 November 2012

Homemade yummy: Blue cheese and Gnocchi

I love to use up leftovers, they are cheap, tasty and make you feel great.  I tend to use most of my left overs at lunchtime as I am home alone.  

One of my favourite food is pasta so I decided to try and make a yummy blue cheese sauce to go with my Gnocchi for lunch. YU-MMY.  I apologise if you don't like blue stinky cheese but I love the stuff.
Gnocchi with blue cheese sauce
You will need: pack of gnocchi, I tend to buy the dry packs with my shopping - they are great value at about 60p each, each serve 2 people so I split a pack for myself.
Plain flour - for 1 serving about 7 grams, the recipe I always use for mac and cheese serves 4 people and calls for 25g/.
Butter MMMMM same as the flour i.e 7 grams for one
about 100mls of milk.  Again the recipe I use for 4 uses 425mls of milk.

Now regarding cheese, I like to add things to taste because that is how I roll if you are using a strong cheese you will need perhaps 25g for one serving - but I taste the sauce until it suits my palate.  If you are using a milder cheese start with 25g and keep adding to taste.

Method: how to make a roux, so so intimidating but easy once you know how.  When I first started making mac and cheese we had so many disasters but thankfully now I have the perfect method.

Take a fairly heavy bottomed saucepan, melt the butter on the lowest heat, I also tend to use the smallest ring on my cooker, slow is key I have found :)

Once the butter is melted add the flour, now you want to stir using a wooden spoon and mix the flour and butter for at least a minute, keeping the mixture moving at all times and go over a minute if you can.  You won't burn anything due to the low heat and this is basically how to make a roux which is the basis of many sauces.

Now add a splash of milk and keep stirring, the roux will thicken slightly, when the milk is all incorporated add a splash more.  Keep adding the milk slowly until it has all been used.  They key is to keep mixing with the spoon and it won't become lumpy.  When the milk is all gone now you can turn the heat up if you wish, I do recommend stirring and watching so it doesn't burn.

When it has bubbled simmer and stir for about a minute-two minutes, then turn the heat off but leave the pan on the ring. 

Time to add the cheese MMMMMM

I crumble and stir my blue cheese into the sauce and it melts so slowly - this is the time to pop the gnocchi on to boil.  Keep adding the cheese until it reaches your taste and if its not melting pop the burner back on but low low low :) I always taste things when I am cooking i try to stick to a basic recipe and modify as I am going.

Drain the gnocchi and add to the sauce - et voila 

This takes about 15 minutes tops and costs pennies to make - maybe a pound or so, and is filling and satisfying.  I have this at least once a week but I am obsessed with cheese haha!

Recipe: Blue Cheese Gnocchi

Serves 1

1 pack gnocchi
7 grams plain flour
7 grams butter
100mls milk
25g blue cheese - to taste.

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