Friday, 23 November 2012

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Orange cat

1: I love to use my filofax to plan things, even if I have no plans for the day I even try to write something bold about that day.  I did start Project Life because I love the idea of documenting your everyday life but I fell way behind, then I lost motivation.  I do document my life but not in a creative way.  I think I will try a modified version in the new year.

2: I am trying to get my crochet projects finished for this year, I love, love, love crochet but I tend to procrastinate when making things (seriously), plus I have to be in a positive mindset to make things and this week with the weather+my medication inspiration is a bit sparse.

3: Wires: what is it with men and wires! Mark seems to have hundreds and never ever puts them away so everyday we do the 'wire dance' I put them away/he doesn't! It's stuff like that that makes me giggle as it is so trivial but drives me nuts!

4: Stolen sunshine.  I love the Autumn and the run up to Christmas but man it's dark! I literally lose the light by 2pm if I am lucky, so it's a case of early morning photos or never.  I love kitty's face in this one, he hates it when I stick my camera in his face! But I love looking back over how much my animals have changed over time.

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