Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Oh so pretty

Did you all enjoy the jubilee celebrations, I personally slept through them all as I was on nights :(

I have recovered from the assault on my body-clock and spent the day being a domestic goddess *wink*

I am going through a major declutter phase at the moment, I started this last year when I completed my degree but it is back in full force! I am a major major major hoard.... I hate to throw things away - I always worry I might need it and keep it! This results in lots and lots of 'stuff' everywhere. I have academic stuff, hobby stuff, craft stuff, household stuff and it it impossible to store it all.  So in an effort not to drown in crap I am on a serious purge. I have been tackling a different 'zone' each day - and it is hard. 

One of the particular black holes in our home is my 'craft' room... sadly it looks more like a junk shop these days so I am trying so hard to recycle everything. I managed to fill 3 sacks full of recycling today *yay*

So to recover I treated myself to this gorgeous dress from one of my favourite shops Dorothy Perkins

I cannot wait to wear it in a couple of weeks to my sister-in-laws hen party <3 I love everything about it, the collar, the horse print the colour. 

I am also loving all the union jack items everywhere at the moment it makes me feel so patriotic no too sure about the rain though looks like our summer is over :(

Right I am off to do some crochet and munch some strawberries mmmm.

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  1. Love the dress...good luck with the de-cluttering!
    Alison xx