Thursday, 28 June 2012

Hello my name is Carly and I like silence...

My husband thinks this is very weird. He likes the noise and hustle and bustle of life, I instead love complete silence. I am here at home alone with no background noise whatsoever, and I love it. Growing up I was always surrounded by noise, both my mum and my nan would have the radio or tv on as 'background' noise, my husband is the same, so is his mother and father. I seem to be a bit of an oddity.

The thing is if people were to describe my personality they would use the word 'extrovert' and to some extent I am. I find it easy to meet new people and make conversation, I used to love singing and dancing as a child, I would chatter away to complete strangers with ease but by choice I am totally introverted. I like to exist in my head, spend time alone and in particular quiet time.  I have changed quite a bit over the years, I like to think of it as 'evolving' I work in a huge, busy maternity ward where things are constantly buzzing and noisy so perhaps this is a throwback to my job?

I do think it is a little peculiar, but we joke about it, my husband comes home, turns the tv starts singing and the silence is broken, but then perhaps that's why we compliment each other? who knows...

So tell me are you a silence is golden person?

ps that is a little Dr Who banner I used (yes I am a totally huge geek I know)

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