Tuesday, 29 May 2012

My Weekend

Was kinda crazy busy...

I had a lovely time at the craft meet on Saturday. I say craft meet because there was a whole host of different crafting going on.  I love to get together with crafty types as it makes me push my boundaries. I was very productive and got a fair bit of scrapping done - no pictures tho I am afraid.

Sunday was another fab day.  Mark's sister has four children and they were all christened on Sunday.  It was such a gloriously sunny day we had an awesome day.  It was also our first outing and Mr & Mrs "M" which was kinda weird. I finished the day off in the garden with my sister-in-law to be and some yummy fruity cider which I am now a fan of after resisting for years!

Rochester Cathedral
Rochester Cathedral

Mr & Mrs M
I felt a little bit better this week (not totally healed) after my osteopath appointment Mark and I had housey bit's to do before Wednesday (Mark's first day back to work) so we were here there and everywhere.  It was crazy weather as we literally had a downpour of epic proportions which flooded the whole area where we live! I managed to get home to make my favourite pie for this evening but I made an error with the recipe so it was a bit of a disappointment...

Tomorrow is the last day of our little honeymoon which is a bit sad but it has to end sometime... 

Ps did anyone see last week's Grey's Anatomy - cannot wait for the finale tomorrow!

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