Thursday, 8 March 2012


This week I have been rendered immobile by an injury to my foot/leg.  I am not entirely sure how it happened but I figure it was somewhere along my 16 hour work day! FYI I love working compressed shifts! I cannot believe I was worried - I have three days of work spread over the week with four off... It's it great!

But going back to my injury I have been grounded somewhat which has given me time to read which has led me to get really, really excited!

I read the Hunger Games trilogy last year after reading lots and lots of recommendations on many of the Blogs I read, I was honestly hooked.  I really, really enjoyed them but having re-read the trilogy again - I am happy to day I really, really love them!! You must read them if you haven't they are soooo much fun!

And the movie is out on the 23rd so I checked my work schedule and I am lucky enough to be off for the ADVANCE screening woo! So my sister and I are going to geek out that night! She hasn't read them but I know she will love them 

so I will leave you with the trailer - awesome!

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