Saturday, 31 December 2011

My hopes for 2012

I love to make lists so it is fitting that I start the new year with a list of hopes for the new year.

1) I wish for my family and friends to be happy and healthy - we have lots going on in 2012 and I am so happy about this

2) I hope that my career continues to develop. I excited about this.

3) I want to participate in project 365. I have been somewhat lacking in the photo documentation this year. I think a project is always a great motivator.  

4) I want to try my hardest to be creative and capture 2012 so I am hoping to start a new blogging schedule.  I also want to connect more with blogs I love reading - which is something I don't do as I am shy!

5) I want 2012 to be a year to remember and I think it will.

Happy new year to all my lovely blog readers x o x o x