Monday, 17 October 2011

A New Class

Isn't the picture beautiful?  I am starting this new class today and I am very excited about that.  The first prompt today talks all about paper and the kind of paper person you are.  I guess to some that might be a strange concept.  I adore paper, I am probably a little obsessed with paper - all forms.  Notebooks, lined paper, graph paper, tracing paper.... So I guess in that respect I am a paper collector.  I also hoard paper like it might go out of fashion so I am also a paper sorter *giggle*.

I like that the class forces you to consider what function paper has in your life, I guess that scrapbookers do think about this a little more that others but lets be really honest paper is in all our lives, books, newspapers, photographs, and so much more... so it's not really that much of a bizarre concept.  I am looking forward to creating some nice pages with all the pretty paper I have been collecting!

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