Sunday, 29 May 2011

Last Sunday in May

eeeekk! Where has the time flown by to? I just cannot believe that it is the last weekend in May - dare I sound cliched when I say this year has flown by! I have been so busy these past couple of weeks, I have settled into life as a caseloading student which is challenging - mostly due to the distance I am travelling every day (about 100 miles in total) but the area I am working in is by the sea a lovely town by the name o Folkestone which as you can imagine is so pretty but I have been so busy I have not taken one single photo :(

With this in mind I have decided to make some little goals for myself because I desperately want to document and remember this important period in my life, so I am going to take one picture a day, even just an iphone picture. I am going to take the time to record even one memory a day.

I am entering such an exciting time, my lovely man has a job at last, so we can relax and not worry about that anymore, I am applying for my first post qualification job, I am completing my education programme in 10 short weeks and so many new babies are joining my life! ALL my friends now have children, my sister in law is having twins - I love it! I have also decided that I want to start a new journey myself which is both scary and exciting: losing weight and getting healthy again!

My little sister has been training to do a 5KM run in July and she has been doing so well, as a former runner I envy how running has made her feel so happy and positive and I want to begin to get that back in my life.  I have let my weight creep up, but I alway placed in last on my priorities, but I decided that it is time.

So I have some important goals: document each day and stick to my healthy eating and activity goals.  I am going to follow the Weight Watchers pro points diet and go to the gym 3 times a week! I will be using my blog to motivate me as well! I am really excited, strange I know!

so with that I am off to take a photo and plan some healthy meals - have a fantastic bank holiday

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