Saturday, 2 April 2011

wedding plans

i love crafty wedding tutorials so here are a few amazing posts i have bookmarked recently that i wanted to share

I love this DIY decoration from elycia at love elycia these are so effective and relatively simple {how cute is this video}

an amazing fabric bouquet tutorial from knitcole posted on rock and roll bride

and these fabric pompoms from oncewed

i just love these crafty wedding ideas 


  1. hi! you are so sweet for posting my video! Thank you very much for your awesome comment on my blog, i really appreciate it :)
    i don't mind having a british stalker, haha.
    i bookmarked that rock and roll bride tutorial last night (or was it this morning) to try! i have been going back and forth about whether i want real flowers or something homemade for the bouquet. i bought some wire so i'm going to try making one!
    anyways, thanks again for stopping by my blog :)

  2. How exciting! The fabric pom poms are gorgeous :)