Saturday, 9 April 2011

Wedding plans: Honeymoon?

we are really fortunate that we are able to plan a honeymoon after the wedding thanks to the generosity of mark's parents.  they won a really cool prize of £600 worth of holiday vouchers recently and gave them to us which is so sweet 

now we have the lovely, but difficult decision about our honeymoon!

so far we are thinking of:

Disney land Paris. it's close, and we love Disney, however we have been to Orlando 3 times so it could be a bit of a let down? hmmmm

Italy. I would love to visit Rome or Florence, it would be amazing but we are not too sure about this one as we are both veggies Italy seems to feature a lot of meat in their cuisine so more research is required i think.

Canada: this one is a huge hit in our house, i stayed in Canada for 6 weeks when i was 16 and it was AMAZING! i love Canadians and the country is just stunning! so we are def thinking about this one as mark has never been and well I know the national anthem so....oh canada....

The US: having visited there quite a lot i am thinking i would love to visit another country, however New York is AWESOME! and i would love to return one day!

Australia: this one is a bit of a dream really! because it is so far we would probably need to spend about 3 weeks there, which won't work as Mark's sister is getting married in July 2012.... plus i seriously cannot imagine leaving my furries for three whole weeks... and mark doesn't want to go (crazy man) but i have family there and i really want to hold one of these guys 

decisions decisions! on the plus side i did find out that i can take my crochet on the plane as long as my hook is a wood or plastic one! don't you love twitter!?

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  1. So many great destinations! We went to New York for our honeymoon....Oh the memories :)