Thursday, 14 April 2011

Things I love thursday

♥ what has made my week great so far {in no particular order} ♥

♥ listening to old music you haven't listened to in ages and being transported back in time ♥ talking of music, finding new artists is always exciting! ♥ cute post it notes for my filofax ♥ the scent of spring - never gets tiring ♥ snail mail ♥ old journals full of stories ♥ storage boxes ♥ coloured nail polish ♥ tea and toast ♥ baking ♥ pink eyeshadow ♥ bunny slippers ♥ colouring pencils ♥ getting closer to my goals 

♥ I hope you are all having a great week ♥


  1. Love that pic! Music is a great pick-me-up isn't it?
    Alison xx

  2. This is such a cute feature, I love it! Great list :)

  3. Great list! Isn't it funny how a song can bring back memories so clearly? TFS!