Monday, 4 April 2011

a new project

a few weeks ago i started my little goal of one week to better blogging, which i really, really enjoyed. i found having a schedule and blogging topic really helped to make me more focused with my blogging, which i had recently been lacking.

my blogging journey started as an extension of my scrapbooking hobby, i started my old blog back in 2006 as a way of showcasing my pages and connecting with other like minded people.  i made some lovely online friends and i am glad to say i am still friends with them.  

for me blogging is about the people and the stories.  i am addicted to blogs because i am absolutely a 'people person'. i love to read about people's lives and thoughts, i love to look at images of their days, whatever they chose to capture and write about in that moment in time.  i love to read about people's lives in different countries, their hobbies, their clothes, their children, their animals.  

my hobbies shifted a lot when i started my degree in 2008.  i found it hard to accomplish all the personal and academic goals i had at once.  so scrapbooking took a back seat, my craft supplies were packed away in favour of books and journals.  i still continued to document my life with photos but my blogging enthusiasm seemed to disappear with my scrapbooking.  i figured that people who read my blog would not be 'interested' in my new non-crafty life.  i figured my stories were not worth sharing.... i also set my old URL up using my full name - which i no longer felt comfortable sharing.  i had planned to change my blog several times but life got in the way.  i also had a bit of an 'blogging identity crisis' i knew that i wanted to document my stories, and i knew that i wanted to use my blog to meet and connect with others but i questioned myself.  i guess we have all been there, what is the point of blogging? who wants to read my words etc etc but thankfully i figured i never read other lifestyle or craft blogs that i enjoy and think negative thoughts.   quite the opposite the  little details are the best! I love it when i discover a new blog, or my favourite blog has a new post, and the reason is the person.  

for me, i tend to enjoy blogs when i feel a connection to the person writing it.  we may have similar hobbies or goals, or morals.  perhaps they just seem to be a fun person or they have a great style of writing.  so if i feel that way then hopefully people who read my blog feel a connection and like the fact that I just want to share my stories, much like the blogs i enjoy, of course a regular feature is fun, and a regular schedule, but i am just happy to share my story, really.  i love it so much when someone comments on a post, or someone subscribes to my blog simply because it's nice to know other's are enjoying what i have to say.

so i decided to start a new project: blogging for scrapbookers.  i have participated in most of shimelle's classes over the years and i always enjoy them.  i decided that although i don't regularly scrapbook anymore - it doesn't mean i don't want to document my life,  i do want to record the memories, and who knows i may make a new album again one day, but then again i may not, and that is fine with me! i want to focus my blogging, so for the next month or so i will be following the prompts, and i am really excited! i hope that anyone who stops by enjoys it, hopefully it will be an interesting month of blogging.  


  1. I can't wait to read ur blog and see what u've been up to!

  2. The blog could become a good reference for scrapbooking in the future.....when you do have time again.

  3. Have dropped in from BFS..loved your pics from yesterday and wish you well with your plans


  4. And once a scrapbooker, always a scrapbooker, right? And who cares if you are documenting your life on a blog or in an album? It all counts, right? In a way, it is all scrapbooking since essentially scrapbooking is documenting memories. And your blog already looks adorable! Congratulations on your fresh start!

  5. Your post was a really interesting read today. I love to blog stories about people and things from the past too, but I also blog scrapbook layouts and other crafts. And I agree with the others - scrapbooking or blogging - it all comes down to the story in the end!

  6. Another BFS classmate who started blogging for the same reasons! Good luck with your goals!!!! xoxo