Tuesday, 12 April 2011

light in the dark

I feel quite sad this week.  grief is a funny thing, from week to week everything changes, this week i guess is a dark week.

the glorious weather we have been having keeps things brighter quite literally, so we all explored our surroundings this weekend and enjoyed the sun while we could...

stitch found the coolest caterpillar ever {he was so gentle as well ♥}

I love this lil guy

he posed while i snuck some shots

he hates my camera!

mark did 'man-jobs' in the garden (and hurt his back... and had to relax....*eye roll*)

he hates DIY!

and then i baked pretty much all weekend!

baking makes me happy!


  1. Oh I'm sorry you are having a dark week, On the plus side the cakes look very yummy :)

  2. Were these the cakes for your sister's birthday? Hope you're feeling better
    Alison xx

  3. Hey! Ur pics always make me smile :) I hope ur back 2 ur perky self soon...Lilo says 'hi' ;)