Sunday, 17 April 2011

getting out of a funk

i am having a 'moment' here. i have just got over a pretty horrid weekend... not wanting to go into too much detail my car was vandalised this weekend and it makes you feel so violated..... i haven't had the greatest week ever so i decided to write myself a silly little 'how to' list and it goes something like this:

how to get out of a funk...

1: play your music really loud and dance like a crazy person...
2: sugar
3: bake something, anything, preferably incorporate sugar!
4: clean your car, or pay someone else to do this, quite painful for me to do this after this weekend but it really did help
5: make something, anything, just to express your creativity
6: do something nice for someone else, this never fails to make me feel better
7: hug your pet a bunny or a cat works well
8: talk to the trees - or just admire them at least
9: watch trashy tv, sex and the city is always cathartic
10: go for a walk, the outdoors always helps me
11: tell someone you love them
12: call a friend and ask them about their day
13: play random video games like the sims!
14: wear your favourite dress
15: paint your nails a crazy colour
16: crimp your hair
17: dye your hair 
18: watch your favourite Disney movie
19: take photos of your favourite things
20: go to the gym

all of these things make me smile which is never a bad thing, i hope these make you smile too 


  1. Sorry about your car and your yucky weekend. I love your list! I'm going to bookmark this for the next time I'm in a funk. TFS!

  2. aww i'm so sorry you had a rough week! this is a good list though! i especially like 'play the sims' hehe!

  3. So sorry to hear about your bad weekend, but good for you turning it around like this :) Your shadow pic made me smile especially, because I took lots of shadow pics myself yesterday! Hope you're feeling much better now x

  4. all your lovely comments made me smile - thank you :)

  5. Great list, great idea for a post - I'm only sorry you had to have a bad time first!

  6. Oh no! I'm sorry to hear that Hun, some people are just horrible! I like your list though, glad you had fun getting out of your funk! x