Friday, 1 April 2011

friday feature: my kindle.

i purchased a kindle 3 last year in august and i want to say just how happy i am with it.

prior to starting my degree i was a massive reader, i always have been.  as i child i dreamt of being surrounded by books when i had my own home.  sadly we slowly started to run out of space for just all of the books in my possession as i collected lots!

despite my love, i stopped reading for quite a while after starting my degree.  i felt so guilty not using the time to work on assignments or read journals plus they can be a bit of a killer on your eyes.

my interest was reignited when i read lots about the new kindle which was released last year, but initially  hesitated before ordering one. in hindsight i cannot believe i questioned this as i do love a gadget but i was worried i would miss the feel of an actual book.  i love everything about books, the feel, the textures, the smell, so eliminating these elements was quite scary.

thankfully i am so happy i went ahead with the purchase. i love everything about it, it is so lightweight, so portable and really fun!  I love spending the very rare day with my kindle and find it difficult to stop reading when i do start!  I also really love the fact you can try a free sample of the book which is usually a chapter which means there is always something fun to read.

i think that the kindle is a very worthwhile investment. i have managed to influence two friends to get one and they love them just as much! it is a huge space saver as well which is always a plus.  i am really  looking forward to the summer with just me and my kindle!

love this shot of the day it arrived: kitty has to check everything out!

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  1. Hello again *waves*, I've just found you from your old blog. Welcome to your new bloggy space :)