Monday, 18 April 2011

Car Love

this is my gorgeous car, she is called bluebell (yes i name my cars).  

when i was younger i dreamt of owning a 'bug' it took me a while to save and find the right fit but in 2007 I finally achieved my dream.

i literally love my car.  mark is not a huge fan of the bug but i for the most part am the main driver in our lives so really i have the last word.. i love driving around in my bug, and i wish i could keep her forever... but for now look how shiny and pretty she is she deserves to be loved!

and to the a*hole who threw a bottle of beer through the window... you are very mean... we actually hate you...and i never say hate!



  1. found your blog through BBFS, i would love a bug, but in baby pink :)gotta start my driving lessons first though, eeeek!!

  2. Coming to you from Shimelle's class. REALLY? Threw a bottle of beer through a window?? I would hate them too!!! That is just plain mean. We name our cars as well. There's Jimmy-my blue prius and my husband's Brown Rav 4 is named Brownie. (I know, we're not very creative!)

  3. Hello gorgeous bug! ....I love that you covered the numberplate with a moustash - too cute x