Friday, 8 April 2011

blogging the mundane

life isn't all rainbows and pretty bows, we all know that.  life in essence is rather mundane, it's the little things that we take time to do that breaks up the monotony.  today has been mostly academic, which sadly is quite mundane to me at the moment.  i sound so grumpy when i say this but: i just want to be done!  i am in the middle of writing my dissertation and i wish i wasn't.  it was so sunny and warm today yet i was chained to my desk.  i know it is for the greater good but today i want to be anywhere but here.  it has been a long time getting to this point in my career and i am really proud of myself, but i do feel like i have hit 'a wall'.

i spoke with a tutor of mine for inspiration this week and she said 'just say what you feel and it will be fine' i told her i have no thoughts! i literally have run out! for some reason she didn't believe me... i love writing and i am so passionate about my topic, but i am just tired i guess.  i do find academic writing harder than creative writing, i censor my thoughts so much i sometimes struggle to have anything left to say.  so tonight i have an old friend helping me: red wine! many wonderful essay's have been written under the influence... it just helps me to loosen up a little bit, then fall asleep! so tonight i am unplugging from the internet hoping to have more words on my page than this morning: wish me luck!


  1. hope the wine helps a little bit!
    Alison xx

  2. Good luck, I hope the wine inspired you :)