Saturday, 26 March 2011

wedding plans... the story so far

mark and i have been together for 7 years (8 this october) and we have been living together since quite early on. we are very fortunate to own our own lovely house and marriage and a family have always been on the cards for us. it's just the age old question of timing. we got engaged in 2005 and hoped our wedding would follow, 6 years later and we are getting there (a lot has happend in those 6 years). so we have planned a spring 2012 wedding: may 19th to be exact.

mark & i in 2007
i love talking about weddings, reading all about them planning the details. i love changing my mind and little details and i have changed lots of things so far! one of my very favourite wedding blogs to read is the rock and roll bride. the blog is quite amazing at capturing the small amazing details of people's special day.

i guess we are have an 'unconventional' wedding. we don't set out to be that way. it's just who we are as people. i have this dream in my head that all our friends and family will be there to watch our special day and that makes me smile. that said we have a huge collection of friends and family so it won't be a small wedding. it will involve over 100 people which is why we are waiting. waiting until the financial pressure of my degree is over. waiting until everything is just right. i didn't want to wait but i have made my peace. we have been together for 7 years as i said so i don't imagine that things will change 'that much'. our commitment will solidify, we will be husband and wife but we live as a committed couple anyway. we have been through so much, good times and bad (this week being the perfect example...). 

so anyway that is our story. we are who we are. we share our lives with animals, we support each other through our good times and bad. we are both lazy at times, both sensitive, both geeky. that's why we fit together.

the venue is chosen. it is a two part day, the church and the reception. our church is a cute church of england church or  'chocolate box church' as my mother in law calls it. the reception is at a farm... ok it is in a marquee on a farm but i love saying farm! 

the details are the easy part. 

my dress is not chosen but will be from here i cannot wait to try all the gorgeous dresses on some of my favourite weddings include a 50's style dress



the invites: are chosen and i am very excited about the paper goods (of course)

the colours: keep changing currently they are pink and green 

the flowers: will be gorgeous, spring and fresh

the honeymoon: who knows? we want to visit so many places!

here would be cool

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  1. I love the idea of a 50's/60's theme, it sounds fab :)