Sunday, 20 March 2011

Rituals and Routines

I like to think we live a fairly 'free-spirited' life but I guess like all humans we have our own little routines.

The weekends in our household are mostly all about tasks and food, peppered with spontaneous meet ups. I would love to say that we lived somewhere quaint and had a wonderful life at the weekend filled with coffee, brunch, thrifting and the like but alas, we are in England. We don't have thrift shops, unless you count charity shops or bootfairs but I don't think they are quite the same! So I live my adventures of thriftiness through the blogosphere... I had planned to get a sizable chunk of my dissertation completed but I was/am highly distracted so I figured today I would Blog and then study.

Saturday is bunny day, Mark always cleans their cages and lets them play on the grass, I take silly pictures in between tidying the house.

The afternoon's are usually filled with relaxing [for Mark] and studying [for me] and we plan our Saturday night's. We rarely go out as we are broke, so usually we watch a movie and I either cook us a yummy meal or we do order in. Yesterday didn't quite go to plan as I was far too busy having fun taking pictures, reading on my kindle and surfing the net.

I used to devour books in my 'old-life' but sadly since I started my degree the guilt of reading fiction books is all that dominates my thoughts. I do also find it really hard to find a book that captures my interest these days as well. But I have found a book which is quite hard to stop reading at the moment, so literally I haven't! 'Sister' by Rosamund Lupton. I have really enjoyed the plot so far, I would describe it loosely as a thriller but I think that it's a bit of a weak thriller for hardcore fans. I have found it hard to stop reading, and have over 60% read according to my Kindle so it must be good! Don't expect a review as I am just not great at those!

So after my lazy day we did ordered a yummy Indian meal last night and watched a movie that we have been meaning to watch for ages 'Inception'.  The food was sadly a little 'blah' which is such a shame, I love Indian food and the spices, but last night it was just not good.  Neither Mark nor I eat meat so veggie dishes are a bit hit and miss which is a shame as our little pot of money is so sacred it's harsh when it is a fail... As for the movie: it was ok I am just really hard to please these days!

Sunday's are all about food shopping, so I plan the meals we are having and Mark does the shopping after football. I think most people hate Sunday's as the working week commences for them, but I don't have lectures on a Monday so I am always fairly fine about them. My one ritual as soon as I wake is to read 'Postsecret'. I have no idea why I love it so much as I highly suspect that the 'secrets' are all made up! but who knows.... would you send your secret? I don't have any worth sending perhaps that is why I am so cynical?

Who knows? and with that I am going to return to my fate: books, books and more books

Enjoy the rest of your weekend

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