Monday, 21 March 2011

One week of better blogging

Danielle over at sometimes sweet (one of my favourite blogs) posted a fantastic idea one week to a better me!

I had been toying with a similar goals for blogging, so my version is one week of better blogging.  Many blogs I love to read have regular posting spots, so I want to try some out to see how they fit.

So here are my goals:

Monday: will be recipe reviews, I love to cook and take pictures of my meals so I really like the idea of sharing this.

Tuesday: I love to talk about things so I have decided to talk about products so this will be my feature.

Wednesday: I strive to take time to be more creative so I am going to do a work in progress post: trust me I have many of these as I am a master of starting projects and rarely finishing them.

Thursday: Things I love Thursday.

Friday: Feature Friday I will feature anything, a book, a place who knows?!

Saturday: Wedding plans. I love the idea of sharing my plans so far.

Sunday: ABC of me, inspired by a project I started which is a fantastic memory of the person you are.

That's my schedule do you feel like joining me for one week of better blogging?

1 comment :

  1. I love this and I love your twist on the idea. I actually have a blog post in the works with some blog ideas like this I think you'll enjoy!