Friday, 25 March 2011

Friday Feature

so today i want to feature something really fun: postcrossing.

i love snail mail so much, who doesn't? (except for bills!). I think it is a little bit of escapism for a minute or two, those words, the card someone has chosen. i had lots of penpals as a teenager, i loved writing to friends all over the world. i spent most of my pocket money on stamps and paper. 

i joined postcrossing almost a year ago and like most things i get really addicted fairly quickly and jump in feet first. after i joined i scoured the internet for postcards to add to my collection to send to people, had a wonderful vintage find, and visited tourist cities to fill my collection box up. i mailed hundreds of cards and received just as many back. the main site is a like for like swap, send one receive one. i also joined the forums as they offered group swaps - a really cool way to feed your addiction!

My username is bunnylover and people were so sweet to send me bunny cards. i literally have a hundred different cards with bunnies on ♥

i had to scale the posting operations down as stamps are not cheap, but i will hopefully get back into it soon. it really is an amazing hobby, I have a postcard blog (of course) and an impressive flickr collection so as you can tell it was a big part of life. i literally used to run to the door everyday when the postman arrived! it is a fantastic feeling.

so do you like snail mail? what are you waiting for join up now.


  1. Ohhh, I love Postcrossing! I haven't done it recently, though. I really hope to get back to it come summertime, when I (hopefully) have a job and whatnot. :)

  2. This sounds like so much fun, I used to have loads of pen pals too and we kind of drifted as we became teens! :)